marți, 29 ianuarie 2008

Xtreme Graphics Pack V2

hey guys,here is a great graphics pack for SA,made by SharanT2 and other guys(u can find the names on readme),i will let u see this stuff

U can find and other cool things on this pack

vineri, 25 ianuarie 2008

Project AEM Nissan 350z

'sup guys,i present my unfinished project,AEM Nissan 350z,d1gp car,is drive by Tanner Foust,the car is kind of under work,i need to do some things and it will be finish,i got some pictures now :d

miercuri, 23 ianuarie 2008

Trueno Stage D by SHAKE and KALASH first look,u can say is ryo's car,is kinda funny :P,my friends shake and kalash spend a time and copyed this trueno,they like very much this car,one thing THIS IS NOT RYO'S TRUENO
pictures in front:

Audi R8 Drift Spec by SHAKE

hey guys,a good romanian friend,from my town,made an audi r8 drift spec,the car looks verry nice,very cool paintjob and very cool wheels,is not model like overtuned :P,is simple but hot :d
now pictures:

sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2008

GTA SA Drift Mix Part 2 by 666hp video

Hello guys,i just finish my new video,hard work,good i finsh and i'm glad of results
Car used:
D1GP Ford mustang by me
D1gp subaru impreza by steve
D1gp toyota soarer by unknown :d
NFS:PS mazda rx-7's by club
NFS:PS nissan 240sx by club
Mitsubishi EVO 8 "Unknown" by me
Nissan S14 by fruitimartini
Nissan s15 toy by ryowazamono
Mitsubishi EVO 8 C-WEST by fruitimartini
Nissan 350z veilside by fruitimartini
Subaru Impreza by fruitimartini
Nissan skyline r32 by erh4be

vineri, 18 ianuarie 2008


Hello guys,it strange i didn't update my blog for couple days,now i camed back with a project i start it 1 week ago,it's called EVO VIII "UNKNOWN",strange name but interting,because his paintjob :P :D,nothing special,some rims,paintjob,exhaut,body kit,at interior i was to lazy to work :d,ok,now some pictures

duminică, 6 ianuarie 2008

Tropical Dust release

Hi guys,i know u expected this lovely map,and ur wishes come truth :P,M3rullez let it me to release this
Download link:

joi, 3 ianuarie 2008

Street drifting video

holla guys,heh,i didn't update my blog for a little time and at modding,i'm little bored of it,anyway,like i sayd i'm bored,so i maked this video,try new things and all

marți, 1 ianuarie 2008

MPWR Clan Pro Street Video

Hey guys,the guys from my clan made at 31 december 2007 a video with some guys from the clan,that guys was:M3rullez(leader),Erh4be,King_Maccer and JJ,they used Nissan S13,S14,subaru impreza wrx,Ford Mustang and mazda rx7 fd3s