duminică, 30 martie 2008

Veilside Nissan 350z and Veilside Mazda RX-7 by SharanT2

ok,here we are again,to be honest,i think all know about the veilside mazda rx7 from sharant2,that was his first version of the car,the new one,the version 2,includes new wheels,new interior and new reflection...u will see..about the 350z,is new,is not copy of that 350z from gtaworldmods or gtainside if that what u think,is converted from Juiced 2,with the REAL veilside body kit on it,this version i'll show is first,with just one pj,of course,the one from FNF3,the idea is the car have the spoiler as an extra(means sometimes the spoiler is on,sometimes is off),the cars looks rly cool.
This cars it will be released after i'll make a video for it and it will be posted here on my blog some download links.
the pictures it will present u the cars from now on :P

Working on this...

:o this blog it was forgotten couple weeks :D,well,gta is not so cool,i was bored of it,playing WoW(=World of Worcaft)hehe,anyway,i'm here to show u a project i start couple weeks ago,the PJ is made by Noedel(the greatest Pj maker ;):D),and the car is looks rly cool,the front is lovely and i maked a Bee*R sign for the car...this is car is called D1GP Bee*R Nissan Skyline R32.4 ,in couple days it will be finish and i'll release it :D,for now on,all the car i'll mod i'll release,don't want to be stressed no more..and i sugest and other modders do the same thing :P...OK...and now some pictures

vineri, 29 februarie 2008

Mazda RX-8

HI,i'm here with a new project,a mazda rx8,it my first one modified,in the process of the car i haved some problems with the dff,bla bla bla,good is workin' now,i hate the old interior from this car,i'll show some pictures

Bye Bye!!

joi, 28 februarie 2008

Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake Presentation

Hello guys,i present u a video of Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake ,a car made my Kotton,he asked me to make a video of this car,i accept it,i can say the car is awesome,have 2 bodykits,2 exhaust and 1 paintjob
This is the video

luni, 18 februarie 2008

Takahiro Ueno's Toyota Soarer

Hey guys,Club(th) remodel the toyota soarer,with new interior and a PJ,he make that car like a normal one almost,not like the d1 one,so,i decided to edit it,is not something rly rly hard to make,i added d1gp logo,wheels,wing and make normal the wheel dummy's,the car is pretty cool,well,is from d1 :P

vineri, 15 februarie 2008

AEM Nissan 350z

Finnaly,hey again guys,i finish,finnaly the project AEM Nissan 350z,one of my favorites cars(350z and evo 8),like always,the starting it always hard :P,anyway,at this car i changed almost anything,and,is looks very cool,my opinion xD,i will stop talking,the only who will speak from now on are the pictures :P
So here we are:

hope u like it
i start working at C-west nissan 350z,u will se soon
I want to thanks Flinta and Noedel for helping me with this car

Mitsubishi Eclipse Black Edition

'Sup guys,i know the blog was not here for couple days :p,i'm back with 2 cars,the first one is this,mitsubishi eclipse black edition,hmm,i choosed this name 'cus i like how it looks in black :P,the car is awesome,with converted parts by me,heh,have just little bugs on the front bumper lights :P,anyway,here are the pictures

Scissor doors,lol the right door is lazy :D:P

The stock car is converted and edited by my friend Flinta