duminică, 30 martie 2008

Working on this...

:o this blog it was forgotten couple weeks :D,well,gta is not so cool,i was bored of it,playing WoW(=World of Worcaft)hehe,anyway,i'm here to show u a project i start couple weeks ago,the PJ is made by Noedel(the greatest Pj maker ;):D),and the car is looks rly cool,the front is lovely and i maked a Bee*R sign for the car...this is car is called D1GP Bee*R Nissan Skyline R32.4 ,in couple days it will be finish and i'll release it :D,for now on,all the car i'll mod i'll release,don't want to be stressed no more..and i sugest and other modders do the same thing :P...OK...and now some pictures

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