duminică, 30 martie 2008

Veilside Nissan 350z and Veilside Mazda RX-7 by SharanT2

ok,here we are again,to be honest,i think all know about the veilside mazda rx7 from sharant2,that was his first version of the car,the new one,the version 2,includes new wheels,new interior and new reflection...u will see..about the 350z,is new,is not copy of that 350z from gtaworldmods or gtainside if that what u think,is converted from Juiced 2,with the REAL veilside body kit on it,this version i'll show is first,with just one pj,of course,the one from FNF3,the idea is the car have the spoiler as an extra(means sometimes the spoiler is on,sometimes is off),the cars looks rly cool.
This cars it will be released after i'll make a video for it and it will be posted here on my blog some download links.
the pictures it will present u the cars from now on :P

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